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Upright Fools offer creative marketing and press solutions for Arts projects. We provide content for individual artists as well as companies and theatres. This can be for one show or project to designing and executing a campaign for international tours. Nothing is too big or too small. Our past work has included creating campaigns for companies such as Richard Alston Dance Company, Fest en Fest and The Place theatre and for individuals such as Choreographer Emilyn Claid, Theatre Artist Haley McGee and Musician Love Ssega. Our bespoke campaigns, take a personal approach, offering artists the support they need for their individual projects. We also offer content creation for artists including; design, filming and photography, everything an artist needs to get their project noticed.


We provide tailored press solutions for theatres, companies and individual artists. This has included; press for a tour, new show and releases and support during particular seasons for theatres.

Marketing / Design
We supply our clients with a range of design services for brands, venues and events, including branding, marketing collaterals (digital & print), website, digital design and moving image.

We offer a wide range of options for video work including edits and filming for; showreels, call outs and social media content, as well as longer video solutions such as trailers and interviews.